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The Food Lounge is a multifaceted restaurant encompassing epic multi-continental foods. We have an array of continental flavors to suit your luncheons, snacks, dining or banquets. Our bountiful platters range from simple appetizers, confectionaries, desserts, cocktails, mocktails,subcontinental foods, regional and non-regional dishes to a complex transnational Spices. Here in Vijayawada, we felt a need for a mosaic menu in the ever-stemming food community. Our culinarians thrive to achieve excellence by serving the best of customary and vogue platters. We welcome people from diversified backgrounds and cultures to have memorable flavors of our salver. The Food Lounge is one of the most sundry restaurant that blends distinct flavors depending on the history, race, regions, cultures and customs of the people.


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We present to you the delicacies of the most classic and authentic cuisine. Our dining offers dishes to suit the palate of those who like to eat healthy and shed weight and also those who like to indulge and gain weight.
We love food. Lots of food !

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The Bakery

The Sucre Spa is our fine baking destination, When you have the cravings for a sweet tooth, and would want to have the most scrumptious desserts !